"GROOVY" is a computer program for toolcut visualization, intended to be part of a larger CAD or CNC package.
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The input files contain simple commands defining the toolpath for an overhead router. These commands are as follows:

B - defines the dimensions of the workpiece; T - describes the shape of the cutter;
C - change tools; M - motion ABOVE the workpiece (z<0);
L - straight line motion to the new location in the workpiece(z>0).  

To illustrate, the first few lines of each (encrypted) input file (*.drf=Demo Routing File) are displayed on execution.

Presently, the following tool profiles are modelled:

1. tapered sides: flat bottom, round bottom, point (V-bit), double-taper to a point.
2. straight sides: flat bottom (endmill), round bottom.


self-extracting zipfile - create a directory and execute: groovy_demo.exe


delete the directory created during installation


execute the following command: groovy fname.drf

choosing *.drf from the examples provided (see below), or RUN the file GROOVY.EXE and use the file selection dialogue.


Windows 9x/NT etc.; Pentium and 64 MB (128 recommended); 16-bit colour or higher


Toolbar icons are provided. From the left:

the first 6 icons control animation;
the next icon selects 3D or wireframe simulation;
the next 4 icons control magnification;
the next 2 icons control graphics output;
the next icon controls graphics preferences;
the next icon controls viewpoint;
the rightmost icon gives program information.

The graphics preferences dialogue permits colour, lighting and texture (*.bmp) choices.

Press "SAVE" button to save or "DEFAULT" button to restore preferences (GROOVY.INI).

The following sample files are provided:

hello.drf - simple cut with a V-bit (700 grooves);
atom.drf - complicated toolpaths (~17 000 grooves);
3dface.drf - photoengraving of a bitmap (~89 000 grooves).
bada.drf - incorrect choice of cutter size, interesting animation
starfill.drf - route a star with two tools; interesting magnification, especially when animated.



For further details: info@geometrics-unlimited.com
or http://www.geometrics-unlimited.com