Friday, July 21, 2006 (Day 8):


It rained during the night and threatened rain all morning until the day stabilized at noon.  I set out and struggled during the afternoon against a north wind.


I stopped  at a beach just before the last rapid leading to Lake Lacasse.  There was a long way to go before coming to the next of Wayne’s campsites and it looked like everything was very low and swampy on Lake Lacasse itself.  Again, there was a patch of caribou moss behind the beach, where I put my tent.


According to the book, The Woman Who Mapped Labrador, Mina Hubbard and her team camped in the same location on August 16, 1905.


Location:  N55º07.076’ W064º23.258’  Straight-line distance covered:  5.01 kilometres

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