Information on the Biography and How to Order

Letters to the Granddaughter
The Story of Dillon Wallace of the Labrador Wild

by Philip Schubert

with an introduction by Amy McKendry
(granddaughter of Dillon Wallace)

 To the left are the book cover, back cover with a summary on the book, and one of the maps in the book.  Click on each one to see it in larger format.  Click on it a 2nd time to make it still larger.  The biography is illustrated by 71 photos in colour and 46 maps.   The key maps have photos embedded in them.  See the Table of Contents below.  The book sells for $45.00 Canadian (approximately equal to $45.00 US or 34 Euros), plus $13.00 Canadian for shipping and handling.  It will be shipped anywhere in the World.  To order the print version of the book, click on the PayPal link below. To buy the book in eReader format at a cost of approximately $5.99 US, click on one of the eReader links below.  The eReader links will also allow you to read the first 15% of the book at no charge.  FriesenPress did the editorial evaluation and copyedit, and the manuscript has received a number of favourable reviews from writers on the North (Book Reviews):


Click on one of the following links to purchase the Ereader version :,,,,, Kobo, Nook or Smashwords.  It can also be purchased as an iBook and read on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  The print version of the book can now also be purchased via the previous Amazon sites, Nook (the Barnes and Noble site) and also through Create Space, possibly at lower cost depending on which country you live in, than via the PayPal link above.



Acknowledgements:  i

Introduction by Amy McKendry:  iii

1-The Trip to Hubbard Rock:  Pg 1

2-At Hubbard Rock:  Pg 11

3-The Loneliest Death:  Pg 29

4-The “Lure” Changes Everything:  Pg 35

5-On to Ungava:  Pg 47

6-Michikamau at Last:  Pg 67

7-The Search for the Headwaters of the George:  Pg 85




8-The Escape from Death:  Pg 93

9-Monster Rapids:  Pg 121

10-Arrival at Ungava Bay:  Pg 135

11-The “Lure” was no Fluke:  Pg 159

12-A Legend in his Time:  Pg 171

13-Life After Labrador:  Pg 181

About the Author:  Pg 193

Notes:  Pg 195


If you found this web page through a search engine and want to find out other information about the author and his retracing of the Hubbard and Wallace saga, click on the following link: "Retracing the Hubbard and Wallace Saga"

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