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Innu Portage
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Useful information for canoeists and hikers

Visits to Hubbard Monument per Notes left in the Battery Box
Names of Visitors and Statements
18-Sep-73 H.E. Montague (North West River), L.G. Montague (North West River), William Steele (Churchill Falls), N. Thompson (Churchill Falls)*
*Although I did not find a note in the thermos or aluminum battery box, I have now learned since posting this that Rudy Mauro and Dillon Wallace III tracked down the monument in the summer of 1973 (see page 7), which did not seem to have been visited by anyone since 1913.  Mauro is in fact the one who left the thermos for the messages. Thus they should be considered as the first ones on this list.
10-Jul-77 Bronze tablet installed by Dillon Wallace III, Beacon NY (son of Dillon Wallace), Rudy Mauro, Burlington, Ontario, Douglas Blake, North West River, Helicopter pilot:  Les Hanberg
19-Aug-80 Wayne Tuttle, Wayne Ryder, Bruce Vey (Long Beach, Nfld.), Kevin Bruce
20-Aug-80 Kevin Freake, Jim Meale (Vancouver, B.C.), Jeryl McGuire (Toronto, Ontario)
30-Aug-80 André Thomas (M+E, St. Johns), Geralyn Lynch (St. Johns, Nfld.), Helicopter Pilot John Ennis
10-Sep-80 James West Davidson (Boston, Mass and New Haven Conn), Sam Kaufmann (Boston, Mass), John Rugge (Dumond Point, NY), Ron Turboyne (New Haven, Conn).  Statement:  ""After Hubbard", Hiked from Red Wine River.""
11-Jul-83 Dillon Wallace Jr. III (Beacon Hill, New York)
11-Jul-83 Loretta Wallace, Morris A. Chaulk, Michael Parsons, Jackson L. Blake, Lorren Ross (Pilot) Sealand
14-Jul-85 Jerry Kobalenko and Marc Desjardins (both from Montreal).  Statement:  "Arrived after 8 days by canoe, portaging and on foot from North West River.  Proceeding to the Beaver River with the hope of finding Hubbard's canoe.  Will be returning via the Susan River to North West River."
17-Jun-88 Sterling Peyton (Goose Bay), Greg Baikie (Happy Valley), Ed Montague (North West River).  Statement:  "Three caribou in the middle of the Susan River 100 km from here."
17-Jul-88 Joe Goudie, Sterling Peyton, Greg Baikie
10-Jun-90 Judy Blake, North West River, Gertie Blake (Pike), North West River, Dougal Gillis, North West River, Doug Blake, North West River (Statement:  "First time here since 1977"), David King, Lorner Brooke, Pilot of expedition:  Henry Blake
14-Jun-93 Tony Curlew (Goose Bay), Greg Baikie, Stuart Luttich "Tuktu" (Poem:  Wind is down, Winter is low, and so is Hubbard but temp are up, and birds are singing, life still good)
06-Jul-93 Raptor Survey Squad arrived via a 206 L Jet Helicopter.  Team consisted of Perry Jumps, David Bruce Lemon (Charlottetown), Geoff Goodyear and Joe Branil
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