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Innu Portage
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Useful information for canoeists and hikers

Visits to Hubbard Monument per Notes left in the Battery Box (continued)
Names of Visitors and Statements
12-Oct-93 Greg Baikie, Harry Baikie, Frank Phillips, Harry Martin (Statement: "the tragic results of the Hubbard Expedition inspired Harry to write his song "Race to Grave"")
24-Jul-95 Gary Way, George Way, Dillon Wallace Jr., Greg Baikie
05-Aug-95 Arthur Lundrigan, Joseph Foley (Statement:  "Did entire trek from Rigolet to Community of George River by Helicopter in Sept 1993 but unable to land at Monument.  Returned on Aug 5, 1995 to photograph the plaque to complete album of trip.")
01-Sep-95 Darren Barrett, Gary MacDougall, Kevin Olshepsky
16-Jun-96 Return of the Raptor Survey Squad.  Team consisted of Perry Jumps, Jim Myra, Bruce MacTavish and Peter Thomas
16-Jul-01 David Hussey
20-Aug-02 Ralph Quinlan, Joe Toby, Greg Banning
04-Jul-03 Brad Bassi, Adams, Massachusetts (Statement:  "Group of 3 arrived here from North West River by canoe in 11 days.  Plan to continue up Goose Creek to the Beaver River and from there to Ungava Bay.")
04-Jul-03 The Hubbard Memorial Centennial Expedition:  Troy Michael Gipps (Grafton, Mass), Jim Niedbalski, Brad Bassi
Of particular note is the visit on July 10, 1977, by the son of Dillon Wallace, when the duplicate bronze plaque was installed.  Only a few of the visitors made it to the site on foot, in addition to Hubbard, Wallace and Elson in 1903, and Wallace in 1913.  They are:
  • James Davidson and John Rugge on September 10, 1980:  They explored most of the key areas linked to the Hubbard and Wallace saga, and are the authors of the book ‘Great Heart’, which links the different parts of the saga together for the first time (Wallace’s second book and Mrs. Hubbard’s book each take care not to mention the other’s trip).  Davidson and Rugge indicate in their note in the aluminum box that they traveled to the site from the Red Wine River, although their exact route is not described nor is there information on it in their book;
  • Jerry Kobalenko and Marc Desjardins on July 14, 1985:  Kobalenko is famous for his trips across Ellesmere Island, as told in his book, ‘The Horizontal Everest, Extreme Journeys on Ellesmere Island’;
  • Troy Michael Gipps, Jim Niedbalski and Brad Bassi of the Hubbard Memorial Centennial Expedition on July 4, 2003:  This three-person team from the USA, lined two canoes up the Susan River and, after adding a fourth member when reaching the Smallwood Reservoir, continued all the way to Ungava Bay in only 50 days.  There is a complete description of their trip at:     (Go to Page 26)
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