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Pages 1 to 3:  Introduction and History
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Pages 7 to 11:  North West River and Grand Lake
Page 12:  Naskaupi River
Pages 13 to 14:   Red Wine River
Page 15:  Red Wine Valley
Pages 16 to 18:  Highlands
Page 19:   Hubbard Monument
Page 24:  Visitors to monument.
Pages 26 to 28:  Evacuation from monument
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Innu Portage
Pages 32 to 33:
Useful information for canoeists and hikers

Although the Innu left the interior of Labrador early this century, the portage is still very visible.  You can get some feeling for the age of it, by studying the trees that it goes around.

As I end this, I want to express my thanks to Louie Montague and Jock Campbell who both live in North West River.  They have become good friends during the course of my adventures in Labrador.  They are both extremely knowledgeable on what it takes to survive in the wilds of Labrador and in canoeing challenging Grand Lake.  Louie lent me his canoe for several of my trips and both he and Jock served as my link with the outside world in case I got into trouble.

I have had the good fortune to get to know Elizabeth Penashue who lives in the Innu village of Sheshashit, located across from North West River.  This extraordinary lady is a force for good and the recovery of the Innu from the evils that have befallen them.  She has followed my adventures with great interest and has given me insight on how her people dealt with the challenges of living in remote Labrador.

Then there is Steve Clark, of Signal Technology Associates Inc. in Kanata, who lent me his emergency aircraft transceiver in 2003 and who in 2004 arranged with ICOM to lend me a pocket sized aircraft transceiver.  Finally there is Gerry Kenney, who first acquainted me with the Hubbard and Wallace saga, who came with me on the trip in 1999, who made a first attempt up the Red Wine in 2000 together with our mutual friend, Michèle Paquette, and who acted as part of my support network in my subsequent trips.

ANNEX:  For those interested in travelling to the Hubbard Monument or retracing the Innu Portage, the following annex provides some key information:
Topographical Maps 1:50,000 scale maps for Grand Lake:  13F/9, 13F/10
1:50,000 scale map for the Naskaupi and the Innu Portage:  13F/15
1:50,000 scale map for the Red Wine River and hike to the Hubbard Monument:  13F/14
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