Geometrics Unlimited, Ltd.

Specializing in Custom Geometry Software for Industry

Incorporated 2000

Geometrics Unlimited, Ltd.* is a vendor of specialized geometry software, customized for industry. Additionally, the company provides consulting services on subjects where geometry plays a significant role - e.g. Monte-Carlo simulation and code development.

The company's commercial product is GROOVY, a tool cut visualization program that has been integrated with two larger packages, one developed by a vendor of signmaking software, the other by a developer of CNC and g-code verification and simulation software.

A second program is RAVISH, a 3D Monte-Carlo, general geometry, "View Factors" program for radiation transfer including shadowing. Not for sale, this computer code serves as the basis for our consulting services on this subject.

Geometrics Unlimited's software uses unpublished mathematical algorithms developed by its staff, with backgrounds in engineering physics, applied mathematics and theoretical physics and many years experience in mathematical and computer simulation. All programs use the modern features of Fortran 95. Graphical User Interface employs the Winteracter library.

You are invited to download the "GROOVY_DEMO" demonstration file, and explore the full capabilities of this program, which can be customized to your specifications. Feel free to inquire about the availability of our services - for both consulting and specialized software development.

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*located in Deep River, Ont. Canada.

revised April 29, 2006

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